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Atomic Suds Car Soap

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This is a premium, pH neutral soap that is a must for any car enthusiast. This high-foaming soap creates a layer on your car to help clean away grease, bugs & road film to give your car some well-deserved treatment & shine.


Pour 1-2 oz (1-2 cap full) of ATOMIC into an emply 5 Gallon
clean wash bucket.

Top it with pressurized water to create a rich foam and
apply only to a cool surface.

Start washing your vehicle from the top going down. Use a
wash mitt, mop or soft brush to apply ATOMIC to the car

surface with agitation to break up stubborn grime.
Immediately rinse with water to remove loose dirt, grime,
and filth and wipe it dry with a clean, soft microfiber towel.


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